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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" to fin▓ish watching

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uelty, horror, sadness and hopelessness of war is one thing, but a deeper, more disturbing sense each Chines▓e moviegoer must face is the acceptance of the director鈥檚 depiction of Japanese soldiers as human bein

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gs who also suffer from the war. Indeed, this depiction was the main reason Lu鈥檚 film drew wide▓ attention the first day it was released on the mainland. During the first half day the film was scr▓eened in China it

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earned 9 million yua▓n (US$1.3 million), a rare success for homemade war epics. But such success might become the double-edged sword Lu had referred to during an interview in which he said his biggest fear was the 

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by▓ Lu, one of the most outstanding

film might be pulled out of theaters because of controver▓sy it might trigger. Other films have tried to retell the depressing history of the Nanjing massacre on the big screen, but Lu鈥檚 film is different from them. Fil

med in black and white, the film is Lu鈥檚 attempt to view the massacre from the eyes of different people, including an ordinary Japanese soldier name▓d Kakokawa, who joined the Imperial Japanese Army out of loyalty to th

e emp▓eror, experiences the shock and pain in the war and ends up committing suicide ▓in Nanjing. Through Kakokawa鈥檚 eyes, stor▓ies of ordinary Chinese people are to▓ld, who include Lu Jia